Easy order status lookup app for Shopify stores

Just $2 per month

unlimited lookups by email,
order number, phone, date or zip

admin dashboard with last 30-days of lookup history

easy customization of language, text, styling and colors

available developer API for fully custom implementations
Request documentation

installs as standard shop page, and also compatible with Online Store 2.0 themes

✓ free for Shopify staff stores
✓ free for developer/staging stores

Speed up customer service & reduce inquiries

Spend less time answering the routine order status inquiries. Customers appreciate how easy and fast it is to do it on their own.

Display in any language and customize any app text

The app comes with pre-built translations for 6 popular languages. You have easy custom control over all app text messages in whatever language you need.

Matches your shop's theme styling & colors out of the box

The app should blend right in with your theme after installation. Plentiful but easy settings allow you to tweak even further for a seamless match to your theme.

Gain insights into customer activity & usage

The app dashboard shows a searchable history of the last 30 days of activity. Always know at a glance which customers are looking up their orders.

Proactively contact customers who need your help

Reach out proactively to the customers you see having a hard time finding their order in the app to help build loyalty and customer satisfaction.

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